Test Automation

Change? Control. New software, patches, updates – dynamic business processes and corporate structures require adjustments to be made to your IT on an ongoing basis. Extensive testing prior to going live is designed to ensure that changes don’t result in functional or operational problems or even downtime. Manual testing, however, uses up a lot of resources and is time-consuming and error-prone. Servicetrace® Robotic Solutions for Test Automation support continual deployment of stable releases in a dynamic productive environment. Servicetrace® robots test the functions and performance of business-critical applications prior to roll-out – including under load. Carry out more tests without errors, make DevOps a reality.


Streamline resources while simultaneously completing more tests faster and without errors

Intuitive and straightforward: every part of an organization can create test cases independentely

Convenient test management: user stories, test plans, test cases

Informative analysis for agile development

Detailed documentation of test runs

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Servicetrace Robotic Solutions for Test Automation. Easy, more, faster testing. For more information, download the Test Automation Solution Paper.

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