Solution Architecture

Our solution can be implemented smoothly within your company thanks to the straightforward Servicetrace architecture, which has been designed with existing IT structures in mind.


The one-way communication from robot to server utilizes existing, open communications channels to avoid the type of issues caused by firewalls, for example.


The server’s client system also makes it possible for individual customers, departments or divisions to access their projects separately, thereby keeping data secure.

Straightforward and modular

Servicetrace® Robot


24/7 full and partial automation of all business and IT processes. Any combination of systems, media and platforms. In locations worldwide.


Servicetrace® Central Server


Central, multi-client enabled management unit. Repository for version-controlled storage of robot workflows. SQL database with open interfaces. Central management of all automated processes and access to the Dashboard, Alerting, Reporting, Test Automation app, and Robotic Process Automation app via the web-based Control Center.

Take a look for yourself.

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