Servicetrace® Robot

Your virtual co-worker


Servicetrace® robots work on PCs at your company’s locations worldwide as virtual colleagues.


Robots tirelessly perform recurring, monotonous IT and business processes, 24/7. They are fully automatic and never make mistakes.


For your company, this means significantly lower costs and faster process execution. This frees up time for your staff to spend on complex tasks and rewarding projects.


Servicetrace® robots can operate applications such as MS Office, ERP systems or Citrix applications using the graphical user interface (GUI) in exactly the same way as regular employees.


Servicetrace® robots are built on a patented GUI measurement procedure and run stably 24/7 thanks to integral error handling.


Servicetrace® robots are completely secure against unauthorized access, ensuring that sensitive data is protected.


Parallel runs on a single machine save resources and mean that the solution is scalable.

Take a look for yourself.

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