Dashboard, Alerting, Reporting.


Servicetrace® Robotic Solution Output Modules give you full control of your IT and business processes at all times:


A global overview in real time, proactive alerts when critical thresholds are reached, and informative analysis. 

“Servicetrace enables us to assess our service quality as viewed by our customers on site. We detect downtime anywhere in the world within seconds.”

Uwe Gebhardt, Head of Infrastructure Operations | Merck KGaA


Overview of global availability and performance


The Servicetrace® Dashboard gives you a quick overview of the status of your systems and the associated business processes worldwide – in real time.


Drill-downs provide meaningful, detailed information on all Servicetrace® robot runs.


Proactive incident management


Servicetrace® escalates critical availability and performance thresholds and provides key information for troubleshooting.


No more drops in performance or service outages – keeping all business processes running smoothly.

“With Servicetrace® Alerting we see future bottlenecks and can be proactive in taking necessary countermeasures. Every part of the organization can thus work around the clock, without restrictions.”

Andre Lünsmann, IT project manager | Barmenia Krankenversicherungen a.G. (private health insurance provider)

“With automated Servicetrace® Reporting we can straightforwardly and conveniently confirm that we are meeting our service level.”

Marian Burger, Head of OS | KIVBF (Baden-Franken Municipal Information Technology)


Informative visualizations and automated reports


Servicetrace® Reporting provides visualizations of the availability and performance of business-critical applications for defined periods in the past and at locations worldwide.


Servicetrace® Report Automation provides information to internal and external customers alike in the form of meaningful service reports.

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