Automate routines, streamline resources, unleash potential. Your employees are highly motivated when it comes to working on exciting projects and strategic activities, but have to spend a lot of time on routine processes that are repetitive, tedious and therefore error-prone. In this case, your business is missing out on opportunities to evolve and compete on a global scale. Servicetrace® Robotic Solutions for Robotic Process Automation ensure that your resources are used in the most efficient way possible. Servicetrace® robots tirelessly perform recurring, monotonous processes, 24/7. They never make mistakes and free up time for your staff to work on complex tasks and projects that promise to take your business forward.


Automate all IT and business processes regardless of the specific platform, application or type of media involved

100% process quality, up to 80% increase in efficiency and productivity

Completely secure process due to private robot runs

No coding: create automated processes quickly and easily using the graphical procedure

Unique, rapid RPA implementation with ROI in just days

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