The most mature and innovative RPA platform

Our state-of-the-art, extremely easy-to-use XceleratorOne (X1) RPA platform covers the entire lifecycle of Robotic Process Automation: From the question “For which process is RPA worthwhile?” to the modelling of business processes and their automation to operational control. And all this on one platform for all participants.


And best of all: With X1, you can centrally manage all RPA projects. Keep an eye on your projects, start your Enterprise Automation Journey now!

Servicetrace delivers a stable, mature, yet totally innovative piece of software.

Jens Hübel | Head of IT Control Center


What convinces our customers

We are fast & easy.
Because time is precious.

Our customers want a solution that can be implemented quickly and easily by business users – without IT knowledge. This is how results are achieved quickly.

The user in focus: Intuitive operation

The user guidance in X1 is extremely simple and completely intuitive. The tool for designing the automation process is structured like a toolbox and also contains many ready-made modules in the form of templates. With just a few clicks, users can therefore independently implement the automation of their business processes – completely without IT knowledge.

Truly universal

Our customers want a solution that supports all business applications – whether they run on desktop, web, mainframe or VM clients. This eliminates the need to interfere with the existing application landscape and the solution is immediately ready for use.

Broad support

X1 provides support for a variety of applications, including those deployed on mainframes or Citrix/VMware clients. Servicetrace’s patented Image Recognition works reliably and accurately – no special interfaces are required. This saves money and effort.

Uncompromising Security

Our customers need a solution that securely protects sensitive data from unauthorized access, even in automated processes.


Maximum data protection and data securtiy

With X1 Secure Session, Servicetrace is the only RPA provider to offer its customers a sophisticated security solution that has been patented in the US and in the EU. X1 Secure Session can automate protected sessions that are not visible from the outside. Even for users with administration rights there is no possibility to influence a session. This offers maximum protection for sensitive data and processes and helps to ensure that central data protection guidelines and regulations, such as the GDPR, can be effectively addressed.


Processes that (can) scale

Our customers want a solution that can be easily scaled across requirements and national borders – at any time “on demand”.

Pay per use

X1 grows with the needs of our customers. X1 Bots are centrally controlled via the X1 Server and can be added quickly and easily if required, even without additional hardware – this is ensured by the X1 Secure Sessions, which can run several automation processes in parallel and protected. This possibility of scaling offers our customers an optimal resource utilization and saves money at the same time.

One solutions fits it all

Our customers want a single solution to manage the entire lifecycle of RPA projects – not fifteen different ones. This is the only way to create transparency and efficiently organize work between project teams in the various business departments.

Innovative RPA lifecycle management

The complete product portfolio of the X1 platform interlinks in a unique way and offers you everything you need to implement RPA projects in your organization highly effectively – and to manage them comprehensively. From the evaluation and modelling of processes to the design of the automation process and the ongoing operation and control.


Prioritize and orchestrate your automation initiatives by managing them centrally and transparently.

Robotic Specialists

15 years of customer-oriented innovation

AI & RPA: End-to-end automation in call centers

AI & RPA: End-to-end automation in call centers

A growing German bicycle retailer is struggling with the quality and efficiency of its customer service: dissatisfied customers due to long waiting and response times and simultaneously rising costs. For customer interaction, Servicetrace combined an intelligent chatbot with the RPA solution XceleratorOne. This means that many of the standard requests can be processed fully automatically – and to the complete satisfaction of the customers.
Retail: Cutting-edge inventory management with RPA

Retail: Cutting-edge inventory management with RPA

For the food trade, up-to-date inventory management is indispensable. Manual, error-prone process steps or the use of legacy mainframe systems can disrupt processes. A large German food trading company therefore relies on Robotic Process Automation in inventory management. The result: Exceeded expectations and more than 90 percent faster process processing.
Pharmaceutical manufacturer relies on Servicetrace for RPA in purchasing

Pharmaceutical manufacturer relies on Servicetrace for RPA in purchasing

A large pharmaceutical manufacturer saves more than 1000 working hours per month with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The automation of the purchase order process with the X1 platform frees up urgently needed capacities in the purchasing department. In addition, it is now also possible to process above-average quantities of purchase requisitions on time. An additional benefit for everyone – including the employees.

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