Robotic Process Automation with Success Guaranteed

It’s typically possible to automate up to 30 percent of all tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This is precisely why almost three-quarters of all companies already rely on RPA to increase productivity, improve quality and cut costs.

If an RPA project fails, the main reasons are: lack of transparency and control, underestimated complexity, poor collaboration and limited (or even zero) scalability.

Servicetrace developed the RPA platform XceleratorOne (X1) with the goal of guaranteeing the success of your automation. X1 is the most comprehensive RPA platform on the market that lets you plan, implement, operate, and scale RPA – while controlling it centrally. You manage all phases and all participants with a single automation platform.

Enable your employees to automate.

Automate successfully and sustainably.

Control the automation journey of your organization.


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X1® Lifecycle Management | The entire automation journey

The XceleratorOne (X1) automation platform offers lifecycle management unique in the industry. This enables you to plan and implement the entire automation process with an end-to-end approach. Manage all phases of an automation project and lifecycle – and all stakeholders – with a single piece of software. This reduces complexity and creates transparency.


Users are guided through the lifecycle of automation to successful project completion in an easy-to-understand, goal-oriented manner. This in turn reduces errors and increases the quality of implementation and results.

X1® Process Modeling | Comprehensive process documentation

The integration of Business Process Management (BPM) is one of the most important advantages and unique selling points of the X1 solution, with the benefit that you can model and document business processes directly in X1. These process models are the basis for automation.


Existing process models can of course be easily imported into X1 (in BPMN 2.0). X1 always provides an overview of your entire process landscape and so you can continuously expand the degree of automation.

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X1® Governance | Control automation centrally

X1 makes your automation transparent and controllable: You can take full control of all your automation projects, participants, project status, progress and success – always – enterprise-wide, on one dashboard.

Which departments, processes and applications are affected by (which) automation? X1 presents all this to you in a single view. So you can centrally control the degree of automation of your organization – and efficiently expand it: Simply make X1 available as a cloud service to global corporate and specialist departments.

X1® Collaboration | Successful collaboration management

Successful process automation requires interdisciplinary competence across business know-how, process knowledge, project management, technology expertise and more.

With regard to effective project management of automation projects, good co-operation also has a key management aspect: who holds which roles in which project, what responsibilities and authorizations are involved?

X1 also offers time zone management to simplify the worldwide collaboration of international teams (including bots).

Your advantages with XceleratorOne (X1)

High Scalability

X1 offers a scaling approach that is unique in the market (vertical scaling) that enables you to make optimal use of your existing infrastructure. In this way, you can multiply available automation capacities simply, quickly and cost-effectively: an unrivalled low-cost scaling approach.

Multi-Client Capability

The X1 platform is multi-client capable. So you can easily make it available as a secure cloud service to all corporate and specialist departments around the world. This avoids isolated solutions and drives the Automation Journey forward as a global initiative but in a centrally controlled manner.

Easy to Use

X1 makes process automation accessible to everyone, because X1 is simple and completely intuitive to operate. Anyone, even those without IT knowledge, can use X1 to automate ‘their own’ processes independently and personally. This leads to a rapid and broad adoption of RPA.

Universally Applicable

With Servicetrace’s patented image search and recognition capability, often coupled with built-in Optical Character Recognition technology, X1 lets you automate virtually any digital business process, regardless of the business application (desktop, Web, mainframe, Citrix, Java, etc.).

High Security & Privacy

X1 Secure Session is a unique security technology holding multiple patents. Automation processes run completely hidden (dark processing) and secure against unauthorized access. Numerous other features, such as the encryption of sensitive data, offer you a high security standard.

Highest Quality and Stability

With X1 you meet the highest requirements regarding quality and stability of your automation. On the one hand through integrated testing, debugging, auditing and analysis functions. On the other hand, by centrally configuring and managing the execution of automation processes.

In 5 steps to the RPA Center of Excellence

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Learn More About Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

KI & RPA: End-to-end automation in call centers

A growing German bicycle retailer is struggling with the quality and efficiency of its customer service: dissatisfied customers due to long waiting and response times and simultaneously rising costs. For customer interaction Servicetrace combined an intelligent chatbot with the RPA solution XceleratorOne. This means that many of the standard requests can be processed fully automatically – and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Cutting-edge inventory management with RPA

For the food trade, up-to-date inventory management is indispensable. Manual, error-prone process steps or the use of legacy mainframe systems can disrupt processes. A large German food trading company therefore relies on Robotic Process Automation in inventory management. The result: exceeded expectations and more than 90 percent faster process processing.

Pharmaceutical manufacturer relies on Servicetrace for RPA in purchasing

A large pharmaceutical manufacturer saves more than 1000 working hours per month with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The automation of the purchase order process with the X1 platform frees up urgently needed capacities in the purchasing department. In addition, it is now also possible to process above-average quantities of purchase requisitions on time. An additional benefit for everyone – including the employees.

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