Now you can automate better and even faster!

X1® 2020

Boost your RPA efficiency

Many new features in our X1® Release 2020 will make your automation faster than ever, yet easier and better. With new, easy-to-use Analytics dashboards, you can keep your automation workload under control at all times for maximum value. Continuous management, even as the scope and depth of RPA grows in your company, is easier than before. And because X1® is now available in five languages, there are no barriers to expansion across Spanish and French-speaking countries (among others) . Why wait? Let’s automate!

Even higher quality of your workflows

User Tasks: completely reworked. Sometimes expert human users have to play a part in the automation, for example when approval or exception handling is required. Manual user tasks can now be added easily to any part of an automation workflow – wizard-guided, of course. Which users you want to assign the User Task to, which decisions they should make and what they can view and edit, can be defined in almost no time at all.

More efficiency through reusable workflows

An even smarter Activity Library. Reusable standard workflows can now be stored in the central Activity Library, for example, a frequently required workflow such as a SAP login. This standard workflow then serves as a reference, which you can integrate into other processes and re-use as required. If changes to this standard workflow are necessary, this can be done centrally in the Activity Library with just a few clicks – and the workflow module is immediately updated in all processes where it’s used. Automatic versioning and indexing of the standard workflows with the help of tags keeps full track of changes – super convenient!

Automate-the-automation: More automation and quality for faster, higher quality automation

A new, intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR). X1® now automatically sets many parameters for optimal and intelligent optical character recognition, saving time and making the workflow design even more efficient. In addition, new languages such as Arabic are available for text recognition.

Continuous quality control of the process design. Right from the design phase where you model the process, X1® continuously checks your work. If a process model is incomplete or in the event of errors, you automatically receive information and advice. If your process is correct, X1® transfers it to the build phase for the development of the automation process.

New Analytics features: Assign your Impact

New Analytics dashboards for your profit, bot and automation analysis.

Widget Bot Workload

See right away which bot capacities are fully utilized and which ones are still available.

Widget Profit Analysis

If you have entered the time a process takes to complete manually, this widget shows how much time automation takes in comparison. So you can calculate the value added by your automation with valid and relevant metrics.

Widget Automation Overview

Get a quick overview of which processes are in which phase for each process category.

For RPA professionals: Sending REST-API calls. Sometimes it is more effective and faster to control applications via their programming interface rather than the GUI – for example, to read several data records from a CRM application or to check a mailbox for new e-mails. The new REST Call Action Step makes this much easier for advanced RPA developers.

For RPA administrators: Distributed X1 bot updates. It has never been easier to deploy new software updates on the X1® bots. Updates are now simply uploaded to the X1® server and automatically distributed to the individual X1® bots at the push of a button.

Active Directory connection. From now on you can add users straight from Active Directory to the X1® user management facility. You can also synchronize changes in Active Directory with a click – or delete users.

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