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Servicetrace has been developing innovative Robotic Solutions for 15 years – entirely “made in Germany”. Our patented technology and forward-thinking solutions are trusted by global players across industries, including many of the 2,000 largest companies in Europe.  As early as 2004, we were among the first to start developing software robots and automation solutions. This pioneering spirit and ambition to shape the digital future and working world of our customers continues to set us apart today.


What makes us different? We always place the end user at the centre of our thinking and development includes close collaboration with customers. Our products give people and organizations freedom from tedious, repetitive tasks to get back precious time for new ideas and innovation.

Our solutions

The solution portfolio of the multiple patented Servicetrace Software Robotics Technology covers the application areas Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Test Automation (TA) and Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Find out more:

Our vision

A world which enables employees to add value to corporate success with a genuine human touch – supported by software robots.


We strive for a work environment that focuses on people’s creative abilities and for jobs with high saisfaction that increase the competitiveness of companies.


Our automation solutions release growth potentials that enable our customers to achieve sustained business improvement and really drive success.

Our management team

Strong personalities for exciting developments: Get to know our management team!


The company grows with the market. We offer committed personalities a professional, highly motivated and collegial environment with exciting projects and room for continuous development.

Servicetrace Milestones

In line with the 15th anniversary of Servicetrace, Analyst Forrester has named Servicetrace one of the 15 most important RPA providers worldwide. With its automation platform X1®, Servicetrace is named a “Strong Performer” in Forrester Wave™: Robotic Process Automation, Q4 2019. We receive the highest ratings in the criteria security, differentiation and governance. In the Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Gartner also highlights the security differentiation factor of X1.


The experience gained from 15 years of customer projects in software robotics enters directly into product development. Innovation that reaches the customer: “Emerging technology leader; great solution and service.” – writes a Servicetrace customer on Gartner peerinsights, the most important evaluation portal for software vendors.


The absolute highlight of 2018 is release of the new Servicetrace XceleratorOne (X1) RPA-platform. For the first time, companies can manage their RPA projects centrally throughout the entire automation lifecycle. Projects start with an evaluation of a process to determine whether automation is worthwhile and if so to what extent. In the next step, users model their business process followed by development of the automation workflow, all with clear visibility and control. Testing and subsequent rollout of automated processes into production once approved is also simple to manage with this platform. The intuitive graphical interface of the X1 RPA solution enables business users without specialist IT knowledge to implement automation.

At the end of 2018, Servicetrace’s Secure Session, which is already patented in the United States, is granted the European patent. Our customer base is also growing across all industries and enterprise sizes – many of the 2,000 largest companies in Europe rely on Servicetrace’s Robotic Solutions.


As more enterprises embark on digital transformation programs, automation is also gaining momentum. This accelerates our growth and helps to attract new talent: the number of employees at Servicetrace doubles in just 1 year.

2017 (1)

US patent for secure session technology.


Servicetrace develops secure session technology: to prevent unauthorized access, the robots are hidden in private Windows sessions when running. They thus satisfy the data security guidelines that apply in sectors such as healthcare, banking, and insurance.

Increasingly, customers are using the robot for preventive quality assurance prior to roll-out: it tests the functions and performance of applications automatically under load or at different locations. As a result, the Servicetrace product portfolio methodically expands to include Test Automation.


A European patent is granted for the GUI-based measurement method of Servicetrace.


The Workflow Studio is launched as a uniquely straightforward no-code solution putting Servicetrace way ahead in the “script-free zone“. The intuitive, drag-and-drop editor means workflows for GUI-based process automation can be built, tested and finished in next to no time.

At this stage, customers are predominantly deploying the robots in Application Performance Monitoring. In these scenarios the robot simulates the end-user and checks the availability and performance of applications from the user perspective. Performance issues or even application downtime are proactively detected and escalated and meaning compliance with SLAs can be monitored.

Servicetrace develops the world’s first image contour recognition solution for GUI-based automated processes. This universal procedure is suitable for any user interface, with no exceptions.


Version one is an exceptionally stable, automated procedure featuring integral error handling.


Servicetrace GmbH was founded by Markus Duus. The idea? A “synthetic user“, i.e. a software robot, which can interact with all applications without exception in exactly the same way as a human user and which is uniquely easy to operate.


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