If IT is running, business is running

The quality assurance of IT-based business processes is decisive for the competition. No company can afford performance slumps or service outages: business processes are delayed or come to a standstill, productivity and employee satisfaction drop, and non-compliant service level agreements are subject to high penalties.


Because performance counts where it is consumed, we take the perspective of the user – and always keep an eye on the entire business process. Servicetrace Software Robots operate your business critical applications just as human employees do. Throughout the year, 24/7, in globally distributed locations and fully automated, the synthetic users monitor the availability and performance of complete IT-based business processes, alert critical values and report the quality of service delivered. This quality-assuring user simulation secures your business proactively, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – all year round.

With Servicetrace Application Performance Monitoring, we can assess the quality of service with the eyes of our customers. We detect failures anywhere in the world within seconds

Uwe Gebhard | Head of Infrastructure Operations


What inspires our customers

Easy & flexible

Monitoring should reduce, not produce costs. Our customers want a solution that makes a fast and resource-saving monitoring of the end user experience possible. And that reacts flexibly to the daily changes.

Intuitive handling, quick go-live

We enable IT and business users to quickly implement monitoring projects. The Servicetrace Workflow Studio, in which the monitoring process is designed, is an absolutely intuitive, graphical tool and requires no programming knowledge. With preconfigured building blocks and simple drag-and-drop actions, you define the activities that the software robots should perform. Integrated wizards & debuggers ensure excellent quality of monitoring processes right from the start.

The workflows are set up quickly and conveniently.

Lukas Weberruß | Division Manager Business IT Solutions


Universally applicable

Complex application landscapes need simple solutions. Instead of an unmanageable variety of tools, our customers want a monitoring solution for all applications without exception.

One solution for all applications

Servicetrace robots use applications non-invasively – directly on the graphical user interface. The GUI technology works across applications and systems and independent of application-specific protocols for desktop, web, mainframe and terminal environments (Citrix).

As a large service provider, we are active in a wide range of different applications. With Servicetrace Monitoring we can master this task: "If a user can click it, we can measure it!

Matthias Pusch | Head of Competence Center


Absolutely secure

Especially our customers from the public sector or the banking and insurance environment process sensitive data whose protection has absolute priority. A monitoring solution must meet these security standards.

Maximum data protection

Conventional GUI robots work in open desktop sessions and therefore represent a massive security risk – unauthorized persons can access data and processes at any time. Often only an operation in a locked vault can help. Only Servicetrace, with its Secure Session technology patented in Europe and the USA, offers an integrated security concept for monitoring solutions that meets the highest security requirements.

As a public service, we process sovereign tasks, among other things. In any case, we need an access-secure solution that meets the requirements of data protection.

Jens Hübel | Head of IT Control Room


Solid & stable

Our customers demand a monitoring solution that runs reliably without much administrative ” effort and delivers reliable measurement data at all times.

Souvereign in all situations

If events occur that deviate from the routine, conventional monitoring solutions are brought to their knees. Because exceptions are the rule, our robots are prepared for them: For example, if elements change their position on the user interface or request spontaneous pop-up messages to react – our robots can cope with it.

Servicetrace Monitoring impresses with its solid running stability.

Achim Nuss | Leading Architect Systems Management

eCommerce: Assuring Webshop Performance

eCommerce: Assuring Webshop Performance

“Ordered until 5 p.m. -delivered tomorrow”, promises Germany’s largest online office retailer Printus. First, this requires a high-performing web shop.
Public Sector: Municipal IT services from the customer’s point of view

Public Sector: Municipal IT services from the customer’s point of view

“We can now see for ourselves when our IT services aren’t working right and can take early action to restore service quality – before the customer calls in to complain” said the IT managers of the City of Frankfurt am Main, pleased with the end user experience monitoring of bespoke municipal applications.
End User Experience at its best: The combination of real user and synthetic monitoring

End User Experience at its best: The combination of real user and synthetic monitoring

In the digital world, user experience is becoming a critical success factor for all businesses. Application monitoring is intended to make the user experience transparent and optimize IT service quality – but which tools and methods are suitable?

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