The perfect User Experience.

Application Performance Monitoring

Digital performance from the user’s perspective

In the digital context, a positive user experience is essential for your employees and customers – globally and at all times. No company can afford to suffer from poor performance or downtime of digital services: business processes stagnate, productivity and satisfaction decline, service levels fall, and significant costs arise.


Maximize the availability and performance of your digital environment. Servicetrace Application Performance Monitoring provides detailed information 24/7 about your most important digital services and processes – from the perspective of your employees and customers, at locations worldwide.

End User Monitoring with Software Robots

Do employees and customers experience the best digital performance? Servicetrace software robots reveal the user perspective.

Servicetrace software robots work in digital environments like human users and thereby check the performance of all important digital processes.

Servicetrace Software Robots run 24/7 at locations worldwide and reliably deliver important data for your digital performance management.

Customer Helpdesk: global Services at a glance

We can see for ourselves how our services perform before customers call - and we can take targeted action in time for rapid optimisation

Jens Hübel | Head of IT Control Center | City of Frankfurt / Main


IT Management: ensure Performance proactively

In case of performance problems the robots inform us in detail. We can quickly identify and eliminate the causes of errors - ideally before they affect our customers.

Maik Wieduwilt | System Manager | kubus IT

Service Level Management: get reliable Data

In the past, we used to charge for IT services at a flat rate because we did not have exact billing at service level. These figures are now given with the measurement data from Servicetrace.

Jens Hübel | Head of IT Control Center | City of Frankfurt / Main


Convincing Features

All Applications

Servicetrace software robots run through every digital process without exception.

Easy to handle

Smart no code solution: install your monitoring bots quickly by drag and drop.

Absolutely secure

Patented security technology: Protect sensitive data and processes from unauthorized access.

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Target Groups, Benefits, Customer Stories, Live Demo

Learn how your company can benefit from Servicetrace End User Experience Monitoring –
and discover a uniquely easy-to-use software robotics technology Made in Germany.

End User Experienced: Customer Stories

Printus GmbH

Germany’s leading online office supplies store Printus opts for 24/7 web shop monitoring from the customer’s perspective.

City of Frankfurt / Main

End User Experience Monitoring of municipal applications for civil servants and citizens in Frankfurt.

kubus IT

The IT provider monitors the performance of the Citrix environment for AOK employees.

Servicetrace Robotics meet Dynatrace Analytics.

Seamless End User View Integration. 360° Performance Overview.

End User Experience Monitoring: Learn more


Concise information on synthetic End User Experience Monitoring with Servicetrace Software Robots

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