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Servicetrace has been developing innovative robotic solutions for 15 years. Our patented technology and forward-thinking solutions are trusted by global players across industries, including many of the 2,000 largest companies in Europe. Back in 2004, we were one of the first companies to start developing software robots and automation solutions. This pioneering spirit and our ambition to help shape the digital future and working world of our customers, continue to distinguish us today.


The Robotic-specialists

15 years customer-oriented Innovation

Robotic Process

Automate Routines.
Save Resources.
Unlock potential.



Test faster.
Test continuously.
Do DevOps.


Performance Monitoring

Ensure availability.
Optimize performance.
Service Level under control.


Satisfied Customers

Better than the rest

4 good reasons for choosing Servicetrace Software Robotics

Simply fast

Using simple building blocks and a few clicks, you define what Servicetrace software robots should do – quickly and easily. Programming is a thing of the past. And if you want: Cloud-ready.


Always safe & secure

Servicetrace software robots run securely in hidden sessions. Your sensitive data and processes remain completely protected at all times.


High scalable

Only Servicetrace enables several software robots to run in parallel on one device, saving massive resources when scaling your digital workforce and ensures a fast return on investment.



Servicetrace software robots work on any interface a human can, meaning one solution for all business applications, whether ERP, cloud, mainframe, Citrix or even those developed in-house.


Talking about the future.

Software Robotics are a key technology of digitization.
Theses, trends and topics.

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