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The TraceManagementServer solution

TraceManagement-Server is the centralized server for all the ServiceTracer-Client and NetworkTracer instances that comprise the solution in your environment.

TraceManagement-Server provides the control function over the clients and triggers the appropriate alerts when any service malfunctions. It is here that the authorized user also deposits and administrates scripts and script modules.

The centralized instance stores all the measurement metrics that have been collected regarding the status of all the applications, services and systems being monitored. The server also installs and maintains all the associated measurement modules. Additionally, it administrates and distributes the right script versions, to the right clients.

TraceManagement-Server oversees the functionality of all the clients deployed and sends alerts to the appropriate experts or the centralized systems management console in case of problems or errors.

When analyzing the stored data, it can be shared with external solutions (eg, if you are using pre-existing reporting solutions) or passed on to the ServiceTrace modules Report-Designer and Custom-Data-Reporting, for further processing into Alert Reports and Service Level Reports.

The TraceManagement-Server Architecture

The data warehouse is based on a Microsoft SQL-Server (alternatively, MySQL or Oracle, if preferred) and is the heart of the management services. This open approach enables flexible access to all types of data collectors and receivers - eg, your preferred system management consoles, help desk tools, mainframe applications, etc.

The data interface is based on standard flat files in XML and ASCII, as well as CSV data format files. Associated data loads are processed via a special web service. A second web service takes care of the web application's connection and output.

All current Microsoft operating systems are supported.

Core Purpose

  • Data management for all aspects of the ServiceTrace solution.
  • Consolidation of different data types into one reporting schema.
  • Proactive management of all your services via intelligent alerts.

Benefits to the User

  • Easy to use, centralized administration point for the whole ServiceTrace solution.
  • Centralized data processing rules and storage in a standard data warehouse.
  • Centralized report generation and distribution.
  • Self-Service SLA reporting portal.
  • Collection, consolidation and correlation of different data types into a standard, easy to assimilate, reporting style.

Solutions by Sector

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