End-to-End Network Monitoring

The Network Is The Computer.

The NetworkTracer solution

Contemporary, graphically-intensive applications, combined with the increased adoption of SaaS (Software as a Service), means this statement is truer than ever before. But, even with a 'classical' IT infrastructure, the performance of the network is key to how users experience software and associated services.

And this performance increasingly dictates how you are perceived, as a business.

NetworkTracer analyzes all your end-to-end network paths, measuring all response times and overall availability.

These measurements can be executed via several different methods (eg, Ping, TCP Port checks, http requests, traceroutes, etc). All such methods can be tuned for the frequency of samples taken, total number of cycles combined into one overall sample, ports, timeouts, size of packages and the target-range of a given sample.

By defining several measurement points (eg, transfer points between the data center and LAN/WAN, provider, routers, etc) it is possible to clearly show the real response times and true availability of all network components, end-to-end, from the heart of the data center right to the location of the actual end users: The real-world, real end-user experience at 'the end' of the network.

NetworkTracer is a simple yet powerful solution, enabling you to monitor all your network connections end-to-end, and to comprehensively report on all aspects of the quality of the service.

ABOVE: regardless of whether a traditional VPN/WAN or cloud computing/SaaS network topology, Servicetrace measures all your processes end-to-end.

Example Customer Scenario

Companies with international and regional locations typically use many different applications, and the reliable delivery of a variety of end-user services is reliant upon a combination of internal private networks and external VPN providers. Remote locations are typically served by centralized systems which are in turn provided by designated data centers. This dispersal of responsibilities means the view of overall network usability is unclear.

Remote end-users may experience problems connecting to their centralized systems even when there are no errors being reported to the company's networking support group.

NetworkTracer resolves this conflict of information.

By clearly showing the status of all the various network routes - end-to-end - the network administrators are alerted if remote locations are experiencing any compromise in their services, via any of their data centers.

NetworkTracer detects and identifies all the network paths required to deliver any given service and rapidly locates the problem - this approach eliminates time-consuming troubleshooting and minimizes the impact of any unplanned outages or performance issues.

NetworkTracer checks all end-to-end network routes for response-times and availability. As standard, there are five types of measurement: Ping, TCP/IP-Echo, http, Charge, Traceroute.

All monitoring methods are configurable: frequency of measurement, number of cycles which are to be summarized as a measurement, port, timeout, package size and the measurement target.

In addition to the standard measurements, an additional method can be defined, one which repeats the measurement cycle in the case of a timeout - i.e., if the TCP/IP echo was not received, NetworkTracer sends a Traceroute to identify up until which point the network was available. To support the problem analysis process this information is stored in the TraceManagement-Server.

The Network Monitoring Software runs as a service, so is easily installed on the TraceManagement-Server, a ServiceTracer-Client measurement-PC, or any other designated Windows Server.

NetworkTracer is the easy and efficient way to monitor networks - end-to-end - ensuring the end-user experiences the highest level of network availability, at all times - regardless of their location.

Product architecture

There are two approaches to deployment:

Installation on a centralized Windows machine in the data center. The networks to the locations being monitored are measured from here.

In the case of a decentralized approach, the NetworkTracer either needs to be installed at the locations where the targeted applications are in use or to be measured via NetworkTracers at the locations that correspond to the applications systems.

Required modules:

  • NetworkTracer
  • TraceManagement-Server
  • Custom-Data-Reporting

The Monitoring Software checks the quality of the network routes by different types of measurement (as discussed), and writes XML-files with the diagnostic results. An automated data load process transports these reports via http into the data warehouse of the TraceManagement servers.

The data warehouse data is then correlated and aggregated. Custom-Data-Reporting generates HTML or PDF-reports (as preferred), and sends them via e-mail to the designated target recipients. Alternatively, these reports are available via the ServiceTracer Web Portal.

An intuitive Management Console is used to easily configure all the required locations and associated parameters.

Customization and the deployment of the target-measurement-points is accomplished within minutes. Adding additional monitoring points is a simple process, taking approximately one minute, per location.

NetworkTracer is delivered as a windows service, so is started on the TraceManagement-Server.

Real Benefits for Real Users

Ease of configuration and customization, and a comprehensive view of the end-to-end quality of all your network routes and how they perform for your end-users.

Uses industry-standard measurement methodologies for checking network routes, end-to-end.

In the case of an error, the Network Monitoring Software automatically re-measures the route in an alternative mode, endeavouring to identify the exact point of failure.

Supported Microsoft® Operation Systems:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 98
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP (32 u. 64 Bit)
  • Windows Server 2000
  • Windows Server 2003 (32 u. 64 Bit)

Solutions by Sector

Servicetrace works with private and government organizations of all types, across many different sectors.

Switching to servicetrace

Switching to Servicetrace is easy, either as your sole partner or working alongside other vendors.

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