Services: Support

You are focused on your customer's needs and so are we. We never forget that YOU are OUR customer and your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

The servicetrace service: Support

We offer a proactive support service to pursue the prevention of problems and always endeavour to offer prompt response times when you need our help in resolving problems.

'Support' is not a passive, reactive entity. That is not enough.

To offer effective remote support we also use a number of trusted technologies to assist in the delivery of the very best service.

For instance, we keep a virtual installation copy of each customer environment, as a backup. If we have access to your ServiceTrace systems our response time is not affected by the logistics of travel, etc.

Everything can be resolved remotely, by our team of experts.

If you prefer on-site support, you can request it via an online support request form, located in the customer area.

Upon receipt of your request, we will contact you as soon as possible to define your exact requirements, agree and set the objectives and price our proposal to you accordingly, and schedule a convenient time to be on-site - wherever you are located.

Our standard support and maintenance package includes our experts checking your systems on a frequent basis and optimizing them, as required - always advising you of any work we have undertaken during these routine 'health-checks'.

Using recognized and trusted online collaboration and productivity tools such as Skype (or other Instant Messaging services) and approved screen-sharing tools we can communicate with you effectively, at all times, anywhere in the world.

Telephone Support

Our customer support team provides you with first and second levels of support.

If your problem cannot be promptly resolved by this team it will be escalated to the development team and your primary support contact will manage the resolution of the problem, tracked by our trouble-ticketing system.

As standard, telephone support is available Monday-Friday, between 8am-6pm, CET.

Hours out of this range - (eg) global TZ support ('follow the sun') - is negotiated and agreed on a case-by-case basis. More information, upon request. Dial: +49.(0).6151.950.4646

Knowledge Base

We offer an additional customer specific area - our/your 'Knowledge Base' - where you can find and download scripts, documentation, see discussions regarding product development roadmaps, complementary solutions and other relevant topics relating to all aspects of IT.

You can even upload your own scripts to this area, if you feel they may be useful to fellow users of ServiceTrace and wish to share them with the community.

Any such scripts will be published with your personal copyright acknowledgement and accreditation.

We are deeply committed to nurturing and supporting this area and delight in seeing a growing community develop.

As more of our customers deploy ServiceTrace in increasingly diverse scenarios, globally, it is vital that we all share and learn our experiences, together, in an informal but co-ordinated manner.

More news will follow regarding developments in this area.

The very latest releases and patches are also located in this area.

This resource is available 24x7 to registered customers of ServiceTrace.

This resource will continue to be enhanced to eventually offer a discussion forum area where you can shares tips and experiences with other ServiceTrace users.

Public-consumption oriented news and dialogue is available via our Twitter and Facebook presence.

Even though you may be a specialist user of ServiceTrace, why not click on the links to follow us and participate, to see the 'outsiders' view! If you are not an existing customer but would like to know more about these resources, please complete the registration form, below, to express your interest and we will contact you directly.

Alternatively, please refer to our regional office contact details and choose which office you'd like to contact, directly.

Solutions by Sector

Servicetrace works with private and government organizations of all types, across many different sectors.

Switching to servicetrace

Switching to Servicetrace is easy, either as your sole partner or working alongside other vendors.