Services Overview

At Servicetrace we pride ourselves on our empathy with our customers.

The servicetrace service

Because our solutions are focused on delivering the best possible service for the end-users of your services, we are similarly committed to delivering you the very best service.

YOU are OUR end-user. This is significant to us.

For this reason we offer a variety of support and services packages, customized to suit your needs.

For example, Servicetrace can provide you with a fully-managed service, becoming the guardian of the management of your services - we become your Application Service Provider (ASP) watchdog.

Under such an agreement, ServiceTrace will be used remotely by our experts: Monitoring, managing and reporting on all aspects of your services. We will configure the appropriate scripts, service metrics, resources, locations, etc, to enable our direct monitoring of your environment, no matter how simple or complex. Remotely, securely and discreetly.

This service includes all aspects of the necessary installation and configuration, to suit your environment and your SLA/KPI requirements. The scope of the service can be as simple - or as comprehensive - as you wish.

We can also remotely survey your internet presence - its performance and usage, etc. For this service we use our own ServiceTrace-Clients and TraceManagement-Server.

We will report on our findings directly to you, or send you the raw data, as you prefer.

How Our Services Help You:

As you would expect, our experts know exactly how to configure and manage ServiceTrace most effectively. Not just experts in ServiceTrace but also well-versed in all aspects of IT - ITIL, operating systems, applications, databases, services, networks, etc.

Your business is our business.

Whilst ServiceTrace is designed for our customers ease of use, not all companies wish such monitoring and reporting services to be an internal function.

For reasons of human resources, or in seeking more accountability and objectivity, it may be deemed preferable to use Servicetrace itself to manage ServiceTrace in the customer's environment. As you wish.


Such services are offered as a rolling monthly contract with a minimum period of 3 months, or as a perpetual ASP contract. Full terms and conditions, upon request.

Based upon the existing maintenance contract agreement, all systems will be checked and optimized, as required. All new ServiceTrace releases and patches will also be automatically applied by our experts, with full system functionality testing and sign-off.

Solutions by Sector

Servicetrace works with private and government organizations of all types, across many different sectors.

Switching to servicetrace

Switching to Servicetrace is easy, either as your sole partner or working alongside other vendors.