Company Information

Founded in 2004, Servicetrace is committed to improving the synergy between business and IT.

The servicetrace solution

Servicetrace GmbH is an international software company, headquartered in Darmstadt, close to Frankfurt.

Founded in 2004, as at 2010 Servicetrace has 25 employees and specializes in the software development and support of best-of-breed applications and services monitoring solutions, focused on improving the end-user experience and enabling an ever-improving business performance.

The core product of the company, ServiceTrace, is of a modular and contemporary design, enabling simple - but powerful - monitoring for both regional and global organizations.

One of the core components of the solution is the ServiceTrace Client: It performs the detailed end-to-end process monitoring of all standard applications, as well as any bespoke solutions and services you may require.

Availability and Performance

The ServiceTrace solution monitors the availability and performance of an organization's IT services and applications, end-to-end. This knowledge greatly enhances the transparency and governance of service level agreements offered by outsourced IT service providers and corporate IT providers. Enabling them - and their customers - to focus on achieving a better business performance.

End-users and IT providers alike benefit from the precise measurement and clear reporting of the response times of their IT services, and understanding the status of all associated systems and resources. The provider and customer can easily and securely specify and agree the required service-level parameters and key performance indicator thresholds that define the success of the relationship.

This enables the service level quality of the business to be assured and facilitates the clear reporting and escalation of alerts regarding time constraints, potential problems or failures.

Servicetrace works closely our 'Certified Premium Partner', the leading consulting and software company, Cenit AG.

For a full list of our customers and references/case-studies, please contact us via the Servicetrace international office that best suits your needs.


Headed by the Founder/CEO, Markus Duus, Servicetrace has a growing team of experts with a pedigree rich in understanding the needs of both business and IT.

Our team is dedicated to developing and supporting market-leading solutions that improve the experience of the end-user - to the benefit of the business.

Switching to servicetrace

Switching to Servicetrace is easy, either as your sole partner or working alongside other vendors.